Planning a Life Celebration Guide Book

At last, a complete book to help guide families through creating a memorable and personalized life celebration. From suggestions on where to hold the event, to a selection of recommended current music and poems and verses, this book is full of ideas that will make planning a life celebration easier.

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What people are saying about the book:

"This book is full of great ideas to help families! By giving out these books, I'm viewed as an information provider instead of as a salesperson." Carol Daniels, Daniels Chapel of the Roses, Santa Rosa, CA

"This book gives families all the options that are available. People are looking for ideas to personalize a service, it's about time someone wrote a book to guide people." Greg Miller, Dutra-Miller Funeral Home, Half Moon Bay, CA

I love your book. You did a super job. Thanks for being such a benefit to our funeral world."
Sarah Geiger, Evergreen Washilli, Seattle, WA

"Nicely done! Very informative. The book gives people the right tools to plan a quality memorial service for their friends or family." David Goldblatt, Beth Isreal Cemetery, Woodbridge, NJ

Table of Contents (30 pages)

Why Should I have a Service?

Where Should the Celebration be Held?

Who Should I Get to Lead the Service?

Activities for the Celebration

Memorial Songs, Lyrics, Poems and Sayings

Memorial Folders

How Can I Have Friends and Family Share Their Memories?

Memory Tables

Memorial Favors

What About Food and Drink?

Writing a Eulogy

Writing a Thank You Note (examples provided)

Thoughts on Grief

Books You May Want to Consider

Songs & Lyrics

Poetry & Sayings

How to Scatter Cremated Remains

Ten Ideas for Creating a Memorial

NEW: Checklist for planning a Celebration of Life

Mary Hickey - Author

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