Our ceramic urns are handcrafted by California artisans. Each urn is signed by the artist and is one-of-a-kind art piece. Sizes and colors will vary slightly. These handmade vessels are fragile and must be treated with care.


Ceramic Urns

Raku Urnsnew
Raku Tall with Diagonal Stripe:

Purple Raku Round with Bamboo: RAKU002
tall raku urn with diagonal stripe Purple urn with bamboo top
Raku White Crackle

Raku Turquoise Crackle RAKU03
White crackle ceramic urn
Turquoise ceramic urn

Raku Round Multi-Colored RAK01

Raku round ceramic urn

Matching Raku Round Keepsakes

Small raku ceramic urns

Meet the artist

NEW Blue Iris Urn and matching keepsake urns

Made by one of California's leading ceramic artists.

Blue iris ceramic urn Small blue iris keepsake urns


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