"These covers are so unique.  They are beautiful and provide a great alternative for the budget minded client, elegant yet affordable."

Jim Gentile, Duggan Serra Mortuary,
Daly City, CA


Are too many families leaving your establishment with just a plastic temporary container?
- Make a lasting positive impression on families by offering affordable urns.
- Ideal for families needing to travel on commercial airplanes.
- Dignified urn for memorial services.
- Perfect for scattering.
- After scattering the box makes a perfect keepsake box.
- Personalize the urn by ordering the urn with embroidery, create custom urns.

All products on this page are TSA compliant for passengers traveling on commercial aircraft with cremated remains.

Fabric Urns
As seen in

Silk Urns; Maroon, Steel Blue, Hunter Green, Sage Green, Cream, Dark Blue
To watch a quick video on how easy this urn is to open and scatter from click here.

The Military Package FAB06
Includes: One navy and one khaki sleeve, plastic boxes, 7 patches (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy plus two for display), and an 8x10 frame.

Military Individual Urns FAB05
Available in Navy or Khaki, patches sold separately

Military urn package on display at Daniels Chapel of the Roses in Santa Rosa, CA

The Remembrance Package FAB08
Innovative Personalized Product
Includes: Silk cover, plastic box, walnut frame
and pen holder, 40 cards, 12 pens.

Ceremonial Wraps
The ceremonial wrap is constructed using a durable inner container which is wrapped with a fitted slip cover made from 100% silk. An outer layer of padding has been added and then covered with elegant silk. A tasteful obi style band finishes off the presentation. Tucked underneath the band is a silk envelope which is intended for keepsakes such as a lock of hair, letters, photos, or jewelry. Another great feature, the urn meets the standards of the Transportation Security Administration and can pass through gate-side security and be carried onboard an airplane.

Sage Green Wrap FAB09

Dark Blue Wrap FAB10

Winter Wrap FAB01

Spring Wrap FAB02

Draw-On Urn FAB07
Includes: Canvas cover and sturdy cardboard box, oak frame and pen holder set, 8 colored permanent Sharpie markers.

Families can personalize the urn with military pins and bars and all fabric urns are now available with embroidery

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