Memorial Cards and Gifts:

Plantable Memorial Seeded Bookmarks

Memorial bookmark with butterfly

NewMemorial bookmarks are the ideal funeral gift for someone who loved to read and also loved to garden. Adorned with a plantable butterfly infused with forget-me-not seeds and a fitting poem, guests can plant the seeded butterfly and watch the blue flowers grow.

Personalize the top with a dedication such as "Plant this butterfly in loving memory of Jennifer Louise Miller"

The bottom has space for a poem such as a poem about butterflies. Visit butterfly memorial seed bookmarks for ordering and suggested poems.

The bookmarks are available in pink, blue, green, purple or white. They can be ordered in assorted colors, with a minimum order of 25 cards in each color. Also available are cross memorial seed bookmarks and heart memorial seed bookmarks.

Cross Wildflower Cards

Cross wildflower memorial cards

The cross seeded card contains a plantable paper cross embedded with wildflower seeds. The card can be customized. Choose your own message, or use one of two message options we suggest:

  • "God called him/her home, And heaven's gardens are more beautiful. Plant this cross and wildflowers will grow in loving memory of Christine Johnson."
  • "Plant this cross and wildflowers will grow.
    In celebration of Chris Thompson's life"

The crosses are available in pink, blue, green, purple, yellow or white. They can be ordered in assorted colors, with a minimum order of 25 cards in each color.

Butterfly Forget-me-not Cards

Butterfly forget-me-not seed cards

Place these cards on a memory table as friends and family enter the life celebration. The Butterfly Forget-me-not seeded favor is a square card with a seeded paper butterfly on the front. The butterfly's wings are folded outwards, giving it the appearance of flying off the page. Plant the butterfly and it will bloom into beautiful blue forget-me-nots in memory of your loved one.

The inside of the card is personalizable on both left and right sides. The back of the card contains planting instructions. The butterfly comes in white, green, blue, purple or pink. The paper card is available in cream, yellow, and blue.

View a video of Butterfly Forget-me-not Cards:

Plantable Heart Cards

Heart wildflower cards

Plant the heart and flowers will grow in memory of your loved one. The handcrafted paper contains either a variety of annual and perennial wildflower seeds or forget-me-not seeds. Eco-friendly: plant the heart shape and turn your memories into flowers. Up to three lines of personalization included at no additional charge.

Heart forget-me-not cardsThe wildflower heart comes in cream with a white heart. The top of the card says, "Plant this heart and wildflowers will grow". A personalized message can be added on the bottom. Click here to see a list of the flower seeds.

The forget-me-not heart card comes in cream or blue, with purple, white, pink, blue, or green hearts. The top says, "Plant this heart and forget-me-not flowers will grow."


View a video of the wildflower heart cards:

Wildflower Cards

Flat wildflower cardsWildflower cards are also available in this format. The entire card is made of seed paper and is plantable and personalized. They come in 5 colors: blue, pink, white, yellow, and green.

View a video of wildflower cards:

Forget-Me-Not Seed Pouches

Forget-me-not seed pouches

Forget-me-not Seed Pouches are a Renaissance Urns original. Forget-me-not flowers symbolize the everlasting memory of the deceased. The high quality velvet pouch contains approximately 9,000 forget-me-not seeds and covers up to 25 square feet.

The attached card says, "To everything there is a season. In the planting of the seeds, we celebrate the life that has passed in the beauty of the flowers. May they bring a smile to your heart." The right side says, "Commemorating a life lived".

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