Won FIRST PRIZE in the 2004 KIP Awards for our Remembrance Urn Package

The KIP (Keeping It Personal) Awards for the best in personalization were created by ICFA's Personalization Committee to recognize outstanding examples of personalization of services or products in the death care industry.

Remembrance Urn Package

This unique silk remembrance urn package is designed to be both an urn as well as a place to store memories. The package includes a beautiful hardwood photo frame and pen holder, 50 note cards and a pen set. This urn package is ideal for a life celebration ceremony/memorial service.

Family and friends are encouraged to write their memories of their loved one on the cards. The cards have a thought starter which says, “I wish I had the chance to tell you…” When people enter the service, a family member or the funeral director hands the guest a card with a pen. At the end of the service, the cards are collected and are placed inside the pocket of the urn.

The cards are intended to be shared with other family members and perhaps read at holidays, anniversaries and family gatherings. The thoughts, memories and feelings that are expressed on the cards are priceless and serve as a documentary of lives to be handed down for generations to come.

Experts in grieving recommend writing as an effective form of expressing their feelings.
When someone dies, family and friends seem to always ask, what can I do to help? Families have found that by giving guests cards to write on they feel like they participated and contributed at the service.

The hardwood photo frame and pen set is designed so that the pen holder can also hold fresh flowers. When the pens are removed the favorite flower of the deceased can be added to the holder to further personalize the experience.

To better serve the needs of the families, the photo frame was designed so that it can be switched to hold their favorite 4x6 horizontal or 4x6 vertical photograph. The hardwood photo frame and pen holder is taken home by the family and serves and a reminder of their loved one.

Ben Ackerman of Sorenson Brothers Mortuary in Hayward, California said, “We encouraged all of the family members and guests to share their memories and feelings by writing on the cards. This product gives families a chance to share their memories, I find that people often have an easier time writing their thoughts instead of expressing them verbally. The urn with the pocket provides an ideal place to put the cards after the service. When we return the Remembrance Urn Package to the family, it makes for a very personalized presentation.”

The urn is constructed using a durable inner container which is wrapped with a fitted slip cover made from an outer lining of 100% silk. It features an inner layer of Pellon fleece to give it a soft feel. If used for scattering, the empty urn can be used to store keepsakes of the loved-one. Another great feature: the urn meets the standards of the Transportation Security Administration and can pass through gate-side security and be carried onboard an airplane.

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