Funeral Directors tell us that these covers are:

- Ideal for memorial services

- Excellent for traveling on airplanes with cremated remains

- A dignified option for scattering

- Low cost yet beautiful


Are your families leaving with temporary plastic urns?
Plastic boxes

When you cover them, you will:
- Make you and your families feel better.
- Make your firm look better.

Handmade Paper Covers

Biodegradable paper urn

Paper urn cover over plastic box

Handmade paper box to adorn the plastic temporary urn

Paper contains pressed flower petals and leaves, includes band and gold label. The boxes without the plastic temporary containers are biodegradable. These are best suited for ground burial.

PAP01 (sold in sets of 15)
Fits the Matthews and Hepburn temporary containers

Gold sticker with custom logo

Seals can be customized as shown above with funeral home's or cemetery's logo.

TSA logo
Handmade Paper Urn Covers with the plastic urns are TSA compliant for passingers traveling on commercial aircraft with cremated remains.

Biodegradable Heart Urns

Heart paper urn 3 sizes
These sturdy and durable heart urns are made of biodegradable paper containing pressed flower petals and leaves. These urns are suitable for ground burial. For water use a biodegradable bag is recommended (sold separately).

Adult H01 (200 cubic inches)
Infant H04 (30 cubic inches)
Keepsake H05 (20 cubic inches)

Natural Photo Urn
Photo urn

Natural, simple and beautiful are three words used to describe this urn. This is an original design created by Renaissance Urn Company. The urn is constructed with handmade paper. An opening in the top of the urn is intended for placing a 4” X 6” photo of the loved-one or a favorite poem or verse can be placed here. You will find this urn ideal for memorial services, and it's easy to scatter from.

This urn fits the majority of plastic urns.
9" wide x 7 1/4" diameter x 5" high
HEM01, 220 Cubic In.


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