According to Yvonne Kaye PhD, children "internalize" or work their feelings out about death inside themselves or through their play. She often uses art and drawing with children to unmask these hidden feelings.


Pet Urns:

Heart Pet Urn:

H02 (large) 6” wide x 4” deep
100 cubic inches
H03 (Medium) 5” wide x 3” deep
50 cubic inches
H04 (Small) 3½" wide x 2½" deep
30 cubic inches

Natural Pet Photo Urn

PE02 5"x5"x5" (Dog)
Fits 3"x3" photo

125 Cubic In.

PE02 5"x5"x5" (Cat)
Fits 3"x3" photo
125 Cubic In.

Wooden Pet Urns

Oak Urn is 6.25"w x 5" h, 4.25" d, 99 Cubic In. Holds 3.5" x 2.5" photo
Walnut Urn is 4.25"w x 7" h , 99 Cubic In. Holds 2.5" x 3.5" photo

Canvas Pet Urn

Before and After


Canvas Draw-On Pet Urn with Sharpie Markers
8 ½” wide x 6 ¼” deep x 4” tall
220 cubic inches
Includes inner plastic secure urn

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