Here's what people in the industry are saying about our products:

"We've done very well with these silk urns. They are beautiful and so much softer and warmer than a sheet bronze urn or a plastic box."

Chanell O'Farrill
Hollywood Funeral Home,
Hollywood , CA

"Our families in Hawaii love these silk urns. I saw them at the NFDA booth in Nashville and we thought we would offer the families we serve a much better option than a plastic box. We sold out of all 5 colors of the silk urns in just over a week. Our Buddhist families really like the cream color. We will continue to order these."

Mark Ballard
Ballard Family Mortuary
Kahului, HI

"These military urns are great. My urn sales have improved due to the originality of these sleeves."

Gerald and Cindy Hitchcock
Freitas Rupracht Funeral Home
Yerington, NV

"These urns are so unique and beautiful. They provide an elegant yet affordable alternative for the budget-minded client."

Jim Gentile
Duggan Serra Mortuary
Daly City, CA

"These urns are great for families traveling for placement in other areas. They are much easier for the families to transport than the velvet bags."

Tim Abby
Spangler Mortuaries
Los Altos, CA

"I had a woman purchase one of the silk urns because she was traveling in her car with her husbands remains. Her husband always wanted to have his remains scattered in the Pacific Ocean so she was going from Arkansas to Oregon and then to California where she planned to scatter the remains from a boat. She said she didn’t want to look at the ugly black plastic box on her long journey and she loved that we could provide her with this option. Since that first sale, we’ve sold many more to families needing to travel via airplanes."

Jim Shelor
Hot Springs Funeral Home
Hot Springs, Arkansas


"I put these handmade paper covers on each cremation that is returned to the 100 funeral homes I serve and the feedback I've gotten from the Funeral Directors has been outstanding."

Z.Sadie Barran
Swan Point Cemetery
Providence, RI

"Thanks for bringing some creativity to the industry."
Paul Rahill
President, Matthews Cremation Group

Apopka, FL

"It's difficult to find products that are affordable, unique and well made, Renaissance Urn Company does a great job providing the families we serve with all three!"

Jim Habing
Habing Family Funeral Home
Gilroy, CA

"I put these beautiful covers on every temporary container that leaves our funeral home and families are so appreciative.”

Benji Wilson
Wilson's Funeral Home
Westville, KS

“We offer these handmade paper covers as the minimum urn offering to families and we offer them a $20 credit toward upgrading to any urn in our selection room. After we’ve been offering the $20 credit, we’ve actually seen an increase in the percentage of families who purchase a traditional urn. The families that do opt for the handmade paper urn cover are pleased to have their loved ones' remains returned in a dignified urn so it’s a win-win for all.”
Steven Wells
Family Memorial Services
Portland, OR

"You have a great line that appeals to the traditional folk as well as those looking for something different."

Steve and April Palmer
Westcott Funeral Home
Cottonwood, AZ

"There is just nothing remotely like these pieces in the industry. Our familes appreciate that these urns are individually handcrafted."

Scott Pennington
Skylawn and Chapel of the Chimes Group
Hayward, CA

"We like these keepsakes because our families can pick out the flower that most reminds them of their loved one. Also, in Seattle gardening is very popular because people can garden year round."

Carmon Moritz, Washington Memorial Park
Seatec, WA

"We find that pet owners are very emotional about their animals and often wish to purchase an urn for their beloved pets. Renaissance Urns provides great products at great prices, oh yeah, great service too."

Peter Burton
Burton Funeral Homes & Crematory
Erie, PA