SAN FRANCISCO,CA— The majority of urn displays are designed strictly for utilitarian purposes. But a recently formed, San Francisco-based company, Renaissance Urn Company, has introduced a line of urn products that serve the traditional purpose of an urn, yet also invite mourners to express their memories, sentiments, and creativity.

The Renaissance Urn Company’s Cremation Box Sleeves are made of beautiful, custom-fit fabrics that fit standard plastic cremation containers. The line of fabric sleeves provide an ideal option for those who don’t want to purchase a traditional urn, yet don’t want to leave cremated remains in an impersonal, plastic container.

First introduced in November 2002 in the San Francisco Bay Area, the sleeves have been highly popular with funeral directors on the West Coast. “Renaissance Urn’s sleeves are truly unique,” says Jim Gentile of Duggan Serra Mortuary in Daly City, CA. “They’re beautiful, elegant, and provide a great alternative for budget-minded clients.”

There are currently five lines of urn sleeves, with others in development. One of the most popular has been the Remembrance Sleeve Package, which includes a silk sleeve with a memories-pocket, a walnut frame, penholder, and memory cards that include thought-starters such as “I wish I had the chance to tell you…” During a memorial service, the frame is used to hold a picture of the loved one. Family and friends fill out the memory cards and place them in the silk sleeve’s memories-pocket.

“The Remembrance Sleeve Package provides an elegance and sophistication that traditional urns don’t,” says April Vargas, member of the Northern California Mid-Coast Council. “I’ll always cherish the heart-felt cards that were written by my friends and family.”

The Renaissance Urn Company has also introduced a Military Package, which can be customized to display military emblems. A new Draw-On Package includes a canvas sleeve and colored markers, allowing mourners to express feelings in images and words.

The sleeves can be personalized with the deceased’s name, date of birth, and date of death in embroidery. In addition to the sleeves, the Renaissance Urn Company offers an expansive line of wooden, ceramic, and keepsake urns.

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